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bynd [bɪˈjɒnd]

bynd is the strategy and technology consultancy of Omnicom Media Group Germany. We design and implement integrated end-to-end marketing solutions for all stages of the value creation process.


We accelerate our clients’ marketing evolution by embracing end-to-end transformation, improving customer centricity and enabling data- and technology-driven decisions.

With our end-to-end approach, highly specialized experts and a large portion of passion, we accompany our clients on the path of digital transformation towards a sustainable and measurably successful marketing organisation while reducing complexity.

Oliver Mohr Managing Director

Corporate Social

bynd bears responsibility and makes its contribution to achieving social and political climate goals. Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH and its affiliated companies, including bynd, and networks strive to be recognised as industry leaders in the field of sustainability. Therefore, we develop and offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers and at the same time take into account the globally valid principles of sustainability as well as the environmental and energy efficiency management systems.

Our principals:

We conduct our business with an awareness of conserving natural resources as much as possible. This includes respect and consideration for the environment as well as continuous improvement of our own energy-related performance and corporate carbon footprint. When it comes to sustainability issues, we rely on visible leadership, ownership and direct accountability at all levels of Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH and its affiliated networks. We are constantly working to improve our business processes, meeting or exceeding legal requirements and relevant international standards. We deliver high quality services that help our customers succeed and add value to the business. We provide an environment where sustainability issues can be discussed openly and confidently. We recognise that the skills of our people and their involvement are essential to understanding and meeting the needs of our business and our customers. We provide the resources necessary to achieve these goals.

Our commitment:

In order to comply with these principles, the Omnicom Holding Germany GmbH and its affiliated networks like bynd will

  • Integrate sustainability concerns into the business processes of our organisational units, particularly procurement;
  • Implement sustainability effectively by developing, establishing and maintaining a process-oriented integrated management system that meets proven standards;
  • Continuously assess and mitigate sustainability risks to our business throughout the development and life cycle of our services;
  • Measure sustainability performance and set annual and longer-term sustainability targets to achieve continuous and sustainable improvements;
  • Verify compliance with internal and external requirements through audits and strive to meet international standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001;
  • Address sustainability issues and their impact on working practices, processes and products, so that our operations are in line with the expectations of the public and our customers;
  • Raise awareness of sustainability and increase the confidence of all groups of people associated with our business through communication, training and consultation;
  • Hold every employee accountable for their commitment to sustainability issues and adherence to our principles.

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