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bynd works with leading technology partners to set up the best solutions for our customers. Together with our partners, we take marketing personalisation and automation to the next level.

To ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards, we have individual certifications in the relevant product areas of our partners. Furthermore, bynd experts are constantly educating themselves through dedicated trainings in order to be able to adapt product updates directly to the projects.

bynd is a technology agnostic consultancy. However, we are gradually expanding our partner ecosystem, primarily to learn from each other and to be up to date in a very dynamic world. Together with your partners, we bring together technological innovation, data-driven opportunities and actual customer needs.

Jan Kempelmann Marketing Technology Lead

Adobe is one of the world’s leading technology companies in the field of software solutions for marketing and eCommerce.┬áThe innovative products create solutions for creativity, design and digital experiences, content and data management, as well as transformation processes and are used globally by many companies, agencies and consultancies.

As an Adobe Platinum Partner, bynd specialises in implementing certain products of the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), e.g. Adobe Analytics, DMP or Real-Time CDP, and strategically arranging them for customers. Through the power of the AEP, we enable advertisers to realise use cases around customer insights, journey tracking and personalisation.

Product focus:

  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Customer Journey Optimizer
  • Adobe Real-Time Customer-Data-Plattform (CDP)

To succeed in the new digital world, businesses need to be faster, smarter and find new ways to reach customers at every touchpoint. Success depends on the latest innovations in cloud, analytics, mobile and social – and a whole new digital mindset. Salesforce is one of our partners in this, as they provide different apps with their Marketing Cloud that enable exactly that.

Implementing and optimising the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be a difficult and time-consuming process for internal marketing teams. Accordingly, the bynd Salesforce team helps advertisers not only to implement the Marketing Cloud, but also to successfully integrate it into their marketing processes or to adapt it to specific needs through custom scripts.

Product focus:

  • Customer-Data-Plattform (CDP)
  • Audience Manager (DMP)
  • E-Mail Studio
  • Journey Builder & Advertising Studio
  • Datorama

Google, as one of the market leaders for digital marketing technologies, offers a variety of products for both basic data management (e.g. the Google Cloud Platform) and for marketing and sales (Google Marketing Platform) itself.

We are experts in all of these products and can deliver business-relevant solutions with integrated technologies. Through our expertise in the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we are able to collect any relevant information from the marketing channels, segment it and analyse it via our own algorithms to both increase marketing effectiveness and uncover cross-channel insights (SEA, Youtube, Display, Onsite, etc.).

Product focus:

  • Connection of GMP (Campaign Manager, DV360, etc.) to Google-Cloud-Plattform (GCP)
  • Core GCP-Setup (BigQuery, Dataflow, etc.)
  • Ads Data Hub
  • Data Studio
  • Google Analytics 4

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