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OMR Insights 2023

The OMR 2023: A mega event with lots of overwhelming input. We share what we took away and what conclusions we draw from it in our bynd Insights “bynd the hype – OMR”.

The topic of artificial intelligence was omnipresent. The ability of AI to analyse large amounts of data, recognise patterns and make predictions opens up enormous potential to take marketing to a new level and achieve competitive advantages.

A major need for marketing managers is to produce and distribute high-quality content at a high frequency. Our conclusion? Among other things, an explicit social media strategy and clever content recycling should be the answer here.

Last year, the metaverse hype dominated the OMR. This year, the focus was on concrete business applications of the metaverse. We provide recommendations on how to efficiently categorise the technical opportunities of the metaverse for your own company.

Finally, we shed light on the topic of branding and brand marketing and show ways in which successful positioning can work.

Further information and recommendations are available for download in our paper.

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