Our Promise

Together with the marketing, IT and BI departments of our clients, we develop and implement MarTech solutions that pay attention to use cases in the areas of personalisation, reporting, automation or customer insights.

One of the main challenges for brands is to keep up with the times and adapt to the dynamic developments (e.g. privacy first) and product changes of the major technology players. Accordingly, we see ourselves as the layer in the middle, mediating between external factors and internal company requirements and finding the optimal solution.

Our promise: MarTech solutions that play a real added value in the transformation of marketing.

Marketing technologies are always means to and end – many brands forget this and run after a trend that may not even correspond to their own reality yet. The experts at bynd are very good at deciding what makes sense in the short, medium and long term.

Jan Kempelmann Capability Lead Marketing Technology

What do
we offer?

To ensure that complete MarTech cloud solutions or single applications (e.g. a customer data platform) have a real impact on marketing and make it more efficient, we offer our customers three different services, which are accompanied by strategy consultants, project managers, solution engineers and software developers:

  • Advisory Service: Together with marketing, IT and BI, we record the relevant requirements, derive use cases and develop a technical target picture, which is both the basis for vendor tenders and the actual implementation.
  • Delivery Services: We take over the complete technical project management and implementation of the respective Marketing Cloud components. For specific requirements, we build completely new scripts or APIs.
  • Enablement Services: To ensure that new technological solutions are also used in everyday life, we offer core training for the operational level as well as management workshops that clarify the added value of the applications and guarantee transparency in the company.

Case: Development of a D2C infrastructure

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