Success Measurement

Our Promise

Regardless of whether advertisers want to determine the effect of their campaigns on specific KPIs, are looking for a holistic method to measure the marketing success of offline and online KPIs (e.g. sales) or want to increase the return on investment (ROI) of their advertising expenditure – on the part of bynd, we measure the concrete effects and efficiency of the entire marketing and communication measures and identify optimisation potential – completely independent of tracking individual consumer journeys. In doing so, we also provide support in defining and selecting suitable KPIs against which business success can be measured.

Our promise: In more than 1,400 model analyses using marketing mix modelling (among others) that we have carried out for clients from a wide range of industries, we have been able to help increase media ROI by an average of 20%.

With its approximately 1,300 members, the BVM Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher e.V. (Professional Association of German Market and Social Researchers) is the most important representation of the interests of market and social researchers in Germany. Together with the BVM, we set standards by continuously developing, evaluating and defining the quality standards of German market and social research. We use the BVM for know-how transfer and thus ensure that we are permanently up-to-date as bynd.

What do
we offer?

We offer methodical approaches to measure and increase marketing effectiveness across your entire product portfolio.

From marketing mix modelling (MMM) to multi-touch attribution (MTA), we can combine the benefits of online and offline methodologies as needed to measure your success.

In addition, we can simulate the effects of different communication strategies through individual scenario tools and dashboard solutions and optimise your marketing and media planning holistically.

There is no “black box” with us – we present our methods and results transparently. We are also happy to conduct method workshops.

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