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The Optimal Foundation for Future Marketing Personalisation and Actionable Customer Insights


Customer data platforms have become an indispensable part of modern, data-driven marketing. Topics such as predictive analysis, a 360° view of the customer as well as personalisation options are the three most important technology must-haves for companies to offer customers a holistic omnichannel customer experience (Harvard Business Review 2020).

To make this possible, the implementation of a CDP is recommended for many companies. By implementing a CDP within an overall architecture, companies can benefit from a variety of added values for their data-driven marketing. For example, customers can be better reached through a personalised approach, the customer lifetime value can be sustainably improved, and the sales growth can be increased, as well as internal and external costs can be reduced.

In our white paper we aim to show in detail, why nearly every brand with data-driven marketing ambitions should consider implementing a CDP and which aspects are crucial within decision, planning and implementation phase.

CDP Model

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